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Testimonials - Remote Sessions

The following testimonials are from clients who received a remote session from me.


"I’ve experienced several sessions (remote and in person sessions) with Tone-Lise. I noticed immediately in my first session with her that she has a highly developed intuition that effectively compliments her skill set as a well-educated healer. Her sessions have helped my body and my mind to clear blocked emotions and/or energy, however you choose to view it. What’s important to me is the results, results of which have allowed me to greatly reduce the amount of asthmatic medicine that I was using at the time as well as to take some much needed time for myself to simply decompress and focus on my own wellbeing. If you’ve yet to experience a session and/or series of sessions with Tone-Lise, I recommend taking the opportunity to do so. I think you’ll be grateful that you did."

~ Jeanne D.

Cleared Up

"I just wanted to let you know how much better my trapezoid area of my back is since our last session. It had been very painful more on the left side, then the next day after the session that side was all better, but there then was pain on the right. By the following day that pain was gone, so within 2 days it was all better! It had been pretty bad too, I thought I was going to have to see the chiropractor again so it was quite significant that the session cleared it right up. Thanks again!"

~Jeanette Rayner, RI

Great Improvements

"I have been having distance Body Talk sessions with Tone-Lise for a few months now and have noticed great improvements with many things. In general I feel more balanced, and a lot of small nagging issues have cleared up. One very notable thing about my treatment is the session in which she found and corrected a problem with my right foot. I have had trouble with it for years when the bones of the foot get stuck and often it would hurt to walk. I haven't had trouble with it since! I highly recommend Tone-Lise and I know that my family and I will continue to have sessions."

~Beth, Sarasota, Florida

Humbled by Something Beyond My Comprehension

"I'm a 51-year-old man who just went through the difficult trial of a break-up with my soul mate. I have gone through painful times and sheer sadness. I did not know how to deal with this break-up. I kept feeling a physical pain in my chest, like a pointed object was pushed against the heart wall, heartbeat after heartbeat, day after day. I had trouble sleeping and eating. I could not stop thinking about her. I had dark, desperate thoughts on my own existence.

     I turned toTone-Lise for help and she proposed a session via Skype. Tone-Lise called it an "EFT/BT combo" (Emotional Freedom Technique/BodyTalk). I trust Tone-Lise entirely. This session was not like any doctor visit I've ever experienced. I have to say I felt foolish most of the time; she was asking of me things I do not understand. Trusting her was ever more important. Despair made me do things way outside my comfort zone. We worked together on some other negative episodes of my life. Tone-Lise was tuning in to something completely mysterious to me to get to those episodes and make sure they were the proper ones to address.

She had me do strange tapping on some points of my body while phrasing around those episodes and around the woman I love. Tone-Lise had me reassess my distress level and moved to another episode when she was satisfied with the result.

The whole session lasted for 1 hour.

     I've been amazed at the outcome. The first thing is the heartbeat ache, that physical pain, is gone. Sometimes, it reappears for a few seconds, then goes away again. My life is bearable. I still think about my lost love very often, but somehow, those thoughts don't have the same intensity, the same pain. I manage much better. I feel more at peace, more serene. I can enjoy my children again. I am grateful to Tone-Lise. I am humbled by something way beyond my comprehension. My deepest thanks to her."

~Olivier, Colorado

Wellness at All Levels

"I have had several BodyTalk sessions with Tone-Lise and they have all been remarkable! BodyTalk in and of itself is a thorough and fascinating modality and I would recommend it to anyone looking to truly find wellness at all levels.

     My sessions with Tone-Lise have made the BodyTalk experience even more uplifting and exciting. She is such a warm and caring person with a great sense of humor. Her knowledge base is exceptional. I've been able to address physical, mental, and spiritual issues very accurately with my sessions with her.

     Having a chronic illness along with other stressful issues in my life wears me down, but I always feel so encouraged and joyful during and after our sessions together. It's the highlight of my week!"

~Jeanette Rayner , RI

Made A Significant Difference

"I think your session made a significant difference to my digestive system ..."

~Jenna, Bozeman

Son is Happy, Healthy

"When my son, Triton, was 8 months old he started refusing to eat baby food and was barely eating any formula. This was a concern because he'd always been a pretty good eater. In addition to that he was waking 4 - 5 times a night when he'd been sleeping well throughout the night previously. I didn't want to take him to the Dr. so I thought I'd try BodyTalk. I had done BodyTalk throughout my pregnancy and I had taken Triton once about a month after he was born. I was a bit hesitant because at 8 months old, he was so active there was no way he was going to sit through a session. I talked to Tone-Lise and she told me to consider a distance session. While I believe 100% in BodyTalk and had seen what it could do for me, I was a bit hesitant about doing it from a distance but I figured it was worth a try.
     We set up the appointment and Tone-Lise called me one evening when I was at home with Triton. I put her on speaker phone and Triton continued to play while she did the session. I was amazed that it was no different than her being right in the same room as us. That night after the session he ate 15 o.z of formula between 7:30 pm and 3:30 am. He was barely eating that amount during the entire day for the last week or so. Then the next day he actually ate some baby food (which he'd been refusing to do the last week or so). His sleeping started to improve as well.
     My son is now 9 1/2 months old and continues to eat well, sleep well and be a happy healthy boy since that one session. In the future if Triton has any signs of health concerns I plan to take him to Tone-Lise for BodyTalk. Our bodies are amazing, even as children, and can heal themselves if given the chance. Triton has only been to the Dr. for his well-baby checks since being born, and I do attribute part of that to his BodyTalk sessions."

~Lori Johnson-Walker

Aches and Pains Essentially Gone

"I met Tone-Lise at an unrelated workshop a few years ago, and as the weekend progressed and we got to know each other, I became intrigued by BodyTalk. Since I'm a Chiropractor, we traded care. At that time I really didn't have a chief complaint, but had attributed every minor health issue to getting older. I thought the BodyTalk session was interesting and didn't give it much more thought. At some point a month or two later, I realized that most of my 'normal' aches and pains were essentially gone and my energy level was way up! Since I hadn't changed anything else in my lifestyle, I feel it was the BodyTalk that made the difference. I have since had Tone-Lise do periodic distance sessions for me (she's welcome to make a house call anytime she'd like) and my family and I are grateful for the restored sense of well-being that always follows."

~Laurel, Indiana

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