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Other Modalities

In addition to BodyTalk, I have been trained in the effective healing modalities listed below. On occasion, I may use one or more of these "techniques" to supplement your BodyTalk session.


Access Consciousness is a set of tools, techniques, information and processs that allow you to change anything that isn't working for you. It helps you become more aware and present in every aspect of your life, creating more possibilities, more choice and more life. Read more


EFT is a treatment modality that targets the negative emotions that are a disruption to our energy system. With EFT, the intensity of the emotions can quickly be reduced with a simple tapping technique on acupuncture points while highlighting the stressful emotions and stressful emotional triggers. Short 4-min video | Read more


The Enneagram is a psychological and spiritual tool for moving toward self-transformation and enhanced understanding of ourselves and others. By looking at underlying dysfunctional patterns and motives, as well as our unique inborn gifts, we can more easily meet people, including ourselves, with compassion and kindness. Read more


Matrix Energetics is a system of transformation based on the field of Quantum Physics and the understanding that we are basically constructed from light or photons and patterns of information, and thus malleable to focused intent. Read more


I studied nutrition for years, have tried all kinds of diets myself, and have practiced as a nutritionist. No one diet fits everyone, and there is so much confusing and contradictory information out there. Together, we will explore what nutritional program will work for you. Read more


Reiki is a healing method that balances life energies to help bring health and well-being. One of the greatest benefits of Reiki is stress reduction and relaxation, which trigger the body's natural healing abilities and improve and maintain health. Read more through this handout or on the website.


Developed by Byron Katie, this is a simple yet powerful treatment method to help free us from our stressful thoughts. Once we question our stressful thoughts and ego-stories, our lives can completely turn around. Miracles do happen! Read more

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