All About Appointments



My general schedule is as follows, though it may vary at times. Click Here to schedule on Schedulicity.

Monday:  11 am - 5 pm, Remote and In-Office sessions

Tuesday:  11 am - 5 pm, Remote sessions only
Wednesday:  11 am - 5 pm, Remote and In-Office sessions
Thursday:  11am - 5pm, Remote sessions only

Friday:  10am - 1pm, Remote and In-Office Sessions

Free 15-minute phone consultations on Tuesday and Thursday. Contact Tone-Lise via email to set up an appointment. 



Payment by check or cash is welcomed for in-person visits, or payment can be made in advance. You do not need to have a PayPal account; you can use a credit card and it will go through my PayPal account. Thank you!

Remote Session Specials: $20 off for anyone who wants to try a remote BodyTalk session for the first time! Please request a special invoice or simply mention it's your first remote session. To easily and safely pay online, use the drop-down option of the online "Pay Now" button.

  • Single Session - $75. For BodyTalk, Reiki, or Access Bars

  • 5-Session Package: $325 (save $50)


Forms for appointments can be downloaded below. The Intake Form is needed for your first appointment; the Followup Form is for all following appointments. Choose from either Microsoft Word (97/2000/XP), which you can fill out digitally and e-mail, or print and bring to your appointment; or PDF, which you can print, fill out, and bring to your appointment:

  • Intake Form (first-time appointments) - Word | PDF

  • Followup Form (occasionally you might be asked to do a follow-up form) - Word | PDF

  • Animal BodyTalk Intake Form (first-time appointments for animals) - Word | PDF

What to Expect

Your initial session ("intake" session) will be about 60 minutes, during which I will review your Intake Form, explain BodyTalk, and do the initial BodyTalk session on you. Successive appointments will vary between 30 and 50 minutes, depending on your body's needs. Remote Sessions are also available. Also see Animal BodyTalk. Learn more: About BodyTalk