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  • How to Do Cortices (IBA video) - Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk founder, describes and demonstrates the Cortices Technique, which balances the brain and stimulates the body's self-healing potential.

  •  What is BodyTalk?  (IBA video) - Dr John Veltheim, the president and founder of the BodyTalk System, talks about how and why this consciousness based health care system sets itself apart from other modalities and why it is so effective.

  •  "The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk: Healthcare Designed by Your Body" - a book by Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk founder, released May 2013 that explains how The BodyTalk System works from both practical and scientific perspectives.

  •  Learn More About BodyTalk - Listen to a great interview with Dr. Veltheim, BodyTalk founder, by Dr. Tammy Baliszewski.

  • International BodyTalk Association (IBA) - the official governing organization for the BodyTalk System and its related modalities.

  • Family Hope Center - dedicated to helping children with special needs and their families, include using BodyTalk.


Access Consciousness:



  • Reiki - The word "Reiki" can be translated as "universal life energy." Reiki is a healing method that balances life energies to help bring health and well-being to the recipient. One of the greatest benefits is stress reduction and relaxation, which triggers the body's natural healing abilities and improves and maintains health. Click here to read more about Reiki.


The Work:
  • The Work - Developed by Byron Katie, this is a simple yet powerful treatment method to help free us from our stressful thoughts. Once we question our stressful thoughts and ego-stories, our lives can completely turn around. Miracles happen.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):
  • EFT Universe - a treatment modality that sees negative emotions as a disruption of our energy system. Via a simple tapping technique on acupuncture points, while highlighting the situation associated with the anger, sadness or other stressful emotions, the intensity of the emotion can quickly be reduced. This can lead to lasting changes in your emotional, mental and physical health. It also works with cravings, addictions and physical pain.

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