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Remote Sessions

Good Alternative

If you can't make it to our office, either because of life circumstances or because you live too far away, remote sessions are a good alternative.


As with other healing modalities, like Reiki or Emotional Freedom Technique, we can do a session from afar. Everything in your body, every atom, cell and tissue vibrate at a certain frequency. The same way we all have individual and unique fingerprints, we each have a unique frequency. As BodyTalk practitioners, we are trained to tune into your frequency similar to tuning into a specific station on your radio. As quantum physics and consciousness-based modalities have found, we are all connected on a mind-level. If you understand the close connection between your mind and your body, it also means that via a mind-connection we can help bring balance and healing to your body.


Similar to a Clinic Session

As a practitioner, the way we go about doing a remote session is very similar to a clinic session. We still tap into your innate wisdom and utilize neuromuscular feedback by using ourselves as a surrogate while our complete focus is on you and your priority issues. The results speak for themselves. We see the same amazing healing effects as if the session was done in person.


While doing the session, you can either be on the phone with us while we do the session, not be on the phone with us but relax and be mindful that the session is taking place, or just go about your business as usual. We will either e-mail you or, if it's more convenient, we can briefly review with you over the phone the healing formulas that came up in the session.

Contact Tone-Lise if you are interested in a remote session.

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