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BodyTalk for Animals


I have been doing BodyTalk for animals since late 2010. Animals are usually very responsive to BodyTalk. They have a natural and strong desire to be healthy. However, domesticated species are easily affected by the stress of living in human environments. Many domesticated animals are predisposed to emotional, physical and behavioral issues, based on their specific breed.

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How does it work?

As a BodyTalk practitioner, I tap into your animal's natural wisdom through muscular biofeedback, using you, the owner, as the surrogate. Therefore, you do not need to bring the animal into our office. Simply bring a picture. I can also do remote sessions.

Your animal's two basic needs are comfort and safety. An animal's dysfunctional behavior is often a sign of a deeper imbalance. As a practitioner, I listen and then highlight priority issues to your animal's brain and nervous system through a simple, safe and non-invasive process. This helps to catalyze your animal's innate healing ability. BodyTalk can help reduce stress and anxiety; help with physical ailments; and increase the well-being of your animal. BodyTalk also seems to deepen the relationship between a person and their animal.


BodyTalk does not replace a visit to the vet

BodyTalk is meant to be a COMPLEMENTARY practice to veterinary care and NOT a replacement. As a BodyTalk practitioner, I do not medically diagnosis or prescribe. BodyTalk for Animals is a holistic approach to your animal's well being and will often address underlying emotional and environmental not easily treated by a veterinarian.

Read the testimonals about Animal BodyTalk from my clients, and learn more about BodyTalk for Animals — also called "AnimalTalk" on the International BodyTalk Association website.

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