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Gift Certificates

What a gift! The gift of a BodyTalk session lets the recipient know how much you care about their health and well-being.

Gift certificates for BodyTalk sessions with Tone-Lise are $75 per session. If you order 5 for $325, you save $50!

  • 1 BodyTalk gift certificate - $75

  • 2 BodyTalk gift certificates - $150

  • 3 BodyTalk gift certificates - $225

  • 4 BodyTalk gift certificates - $300

  • 5 BodyTalk gift certificates - $325 (save $50)


Each gift certificate can be used for Access Bars or Reiki sessions, and by any member of your recipient's nuclear family, including children and parents.

To order your Gift Certificate(s), complete the form below and submit. I will contact you to process payment and arrange for you to get the Gift Certificates. Or if you prefer, you can also leave a message for Tone-Lise at 701-258-9418.

Gift Certificate
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