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Testimonials - Sessions on Animals

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The following testimonials are from clients whose pets received sessions from me.

Really Works

"BodyTalk for animals really works! My cat Scooter has had 2 sessions so far and is benefitting greatly. One of his issues was excessive grooming causing hair loss. After his first session, the very next day, he had a noticeable decrease in his obsessive cleaning and he has been so much happier and playful over all. My colt Esperado has also had a session and again, the very next day I noticed him having a calmer, more grounded demeanor. With these wonderful sessions with Tone-Lise assisting my animal friends with BodyTalk, I have also benefitted as so often we are linked with the animals in our lives. Such a fascinating experience. I recommend BodyTalk for animals with Tone-Lise for anyone wanting to enrich their animals' lives, they deserve it!"

~ Jeanette Rayner, RI

No Accidents is Amazing

"We've had a problem with our Springer Spaniel going to the bathroom in her portable kennel as well as not being able to hold her bladder in the house since she was a pup. She is now 8 years old. Needless to say, she was not very welcome in the house as she couldn't be trusted and then constantly needed to be bathed in order for her to be in the house at all.
     I visited with Tone Lise about the problem and she agreed to do a session with Chili. I chose to have the session done remotely. She did a session on March 8th. That first night Chili had an accident in her kennel, but ever since has been accident free, both in the house and in her kennel. For her to go this long with no accidents is amazing! I do Cortices, a BodyTalk brain balancing technique, on Chili every other day. At first she didn't like it, but now enjoys the touch and attention.
     This has been a blessing to us as well as to Chili as we enjoy having her in the house with us being an "enjoyable" member of the family."

~Linda, Bismarck

New Freedom, Ability to Enjoy Life

"When my dog, Sierra, became approximately 4 months old, she completely lost all bladder control. In the morning I could not speak to her, look at her or touch her or she would immediately empty her bladder. Twice, she released the urine when I was holding her on the street, soaking my clothes completely. Up until this time she had been housebroken and was doing well. She gradually improved some, but this problem made it almost impossible to have company over and totally impossible to take her to visit anyone or to stay away from home. Everything I tried resulted in little or no improvement. In Sept. 2010 I contacted Tone-Lise about a BodyTalk session for Sierra as well as one on me. A close friend of mine had received remote sessions from Tone-Lise and I felt intuitively that she was the one to work on us, even though I’d never met her.
     For each of the three remote sessions I was amazed at the difference in Sierra. After each session, for the first time in her life, Sierra climbed into her crate and went to sleep. Even as a puppy, she never surrendered to sleep until bedtime and only then behind the latched gate on her crate. With each session, she crawled into her crate and went to sleep earlier than after the session before. During the sessions Tone-Lise brought up things about Sierra that she could not know or guess. The same happened with my sessions.
Our sessions were very closely intertwined, and I found many of the issues with Sierra were a result of her picking up on issues I was working through. For us, having joint sessions was the right way to address the issues, as we commonly were mirroring back and forth to each other.
     Today Sierra is much more relaxed and rarely has an accident. We can now visit others, have company in, and stay at a hotel without fear of creating a mess. But more importantly, we resolved the issues (problems) that were creating the bladder issues (symptoms). This improvement in both of us has given us a new freedom and the ability to enjoy life."

~Janet, Manitoba, Canada

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