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Read what our clients say about BodyTalk and their sessions with Tone-Lise.

Worry and Anxiety

"Thank you so much for sending me these videos*, they are very helpful! I have been doing the exercises you showed me and I have been feeling great ever since I saw you. :)

    I wanted to share a story with you that happened Saturday night. My husband woke up coughing at 2 am and said, "I can't believe I still have this cough, it seems to go away and then comes back at the strangest times." A small comment no doubt and he is recovering from a cold so it really shouldn't be cause for concern. However, this is the thing that would normally send my brain into a spiral of worry...especially given that it was the middle of the night. I started to think of all the awful things that could be causing his cough (a friend of mine discovered she had terminal cancer because of a cough that wouldn't go away) when all of a sudden I saw my thoughts packaged in a black rectangle that started to dissolve in front of me and then it exited out my side and I instantly felt calm and couldn't remember why I was worried. I fell right back to sleep! The next morning I recalled what happened with amazement. THANK YOU for sharing your wisdom and talent. I am so grateful!"

~ BR, Bismarck, ND

* The videos referred to in the above testimony are demonstration videos on how to do Emotional Freedom Technique/tapping. They often come up as helpful after receiving a BodyTalk session. Contact me for more information.

Access Bars Session

"I have chosen to do BodyTalk sessions for quite a few years now, and I’ve been so blessed with so much amazing healing and growth – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Recently I talked with my wonderful practitioner, Tone-Lise, about adding Access Bars to a session in order to work on some things that I was dealing with in my recent life events and journeys. And WOW!! The Access Bars session was so amazing, unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before! It was so powerful! Although everyone’s experience is different, for me, I felt some of the energy sensations as things balanced, and I felt good and wonderful feelings of calm and inner peace even during the session.

     After the session, truthfully for the first day or two, I felt really kind of icky and weird, and even a bit agitated and out of sorts. But then the 2nd – 3rd day, Holy Gosh! I suddenly had so much clarity, ideas, creativity, and confident and clear thinking all flowing. I also had such a wonderful calm about it all. I was able to really do some incredible inner journey steps, and to take some relaxation and thinking time for myself, in order to renew and move forward with some actions.

     It even helped me with a job interview that I had while I was processing all of this, and I was able to think so clearly and confidently about it. The session really helped to lift the mental fog that I had been previously experiencing.

     That Access Bars session has helped me so much in so many ways, and it’s helped me to better organize, prepare, think, plan, and take action, which is helping me to do the journey steps in my life. I’m excited and looking forward to doing another session in the future and doing even more balancing and healing with the Access Bars and Body Talk combined. It just reaffirms for me how much our mind, body, and spirit can do when balancing and healing occurs."

~Melissa B.

A Modality that Works

"I have changed so much since I first met Tone-Lise a year ago that it’s almost hard to remember and describe who I was and what I was struggling with!

     Although I started sessions with her wanting to explore BodyTalk and hoping for change on my long-standing (we’re talking over 15 years, and half my life) severe-pain issue, as well as my other struggles, I didn’t have huge expectations. But with only a few sessions with her, I had major shifts….no matter how effortless her sessions seem! I often didn’t even realize how much I shifted until she asked me during a follow-up to re-rate my issues on a scale of 1-10…I was shocked to realize how those things had shifted to almost non-existent in some cases! Once I didn’t even realize that a certain issue was better until 3 months later when it finally crossed my mind…and then I sent her an email saying “hey…this is better and I thank you!”

     My BodyTalk results have been lasting, and I’ve finally found a modality that can get to my issues when nothing else can….and without major hang-ups. When I get in a bind that I can’t get out of on my own, I call her, and in one session, usually my issue is resolved. I can’t say enough about how much I appreciate her wisdom, intelligence, humbleness and professionalism. Sometimes, just the ideas she has given me alone have been life-changing, healing and just what I needed to hear at the perfect time!

     She is a friend, mentor, and has been a huge part of my healing journey. She has helped me to overcome. I recommend her to anyone who is serious about changing their lives for the better and who is open to the journey of healing!"

~K.K., ND


"I’ve experienced several sessions (remote and in person sessions) with Tone-Lise. I noticed immediately in my first session with her that she has a highly developed intuition that effectively compliments her skill set as a well-educated healer. Her sessions have helped my body and my mind to clear blocked emotions and/or energy, however you choose to view it. What’s important to me is the results, results of which have allowed me to greatly reduce the amount of asthmatic medicine that I was using at the time as well as to take some much needed time for myself to simply decompress and focus on my own wellbeing. If you’ve yet to experience a session and/or series of sessions with Tone-Lise, I recommend taking the opportunity to do so. I think you’ll be grateful that you did."

~Jeanne D.

Gets to the Root

"I am so grateful to have met Tone-Lise and discovered Body Talk! Tone-Lise does a fantastic job of explaining what Body Talk is and how it works. I truly feel that making Body Talk a part of my healing journey has been very beneficial! After each session, I leave with new insights into my body, mind, and soul’s healing needs. If you truly want to get to the root of your health issues, then I encourage you to give Body Talk a try. You won’t be disappointed!”

~Cathy B.

Instant Results

"My 5-year-old son was diagnosed with a rare condition called PANS (Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome) in 2015. It's an autoimmune disease that causes his antibodies to attack his brain and presents as a psychological issue. In my son, it triggers OCD and severe rage. At the suggestion of Tone-Lise, we began doing the Cortices technique on him daily. The immediate effect it has on him is incredible. If we notice he is going into a "flare" (meltdown) and are able to begin Cortices at the onset, he almost immediately calms down. Instead of a screaming child trying to throw things and punch people, he closes his eyes and takes deep breaths. He has even asked me to repeat the technique multiple times because it makes him feel so relaxed. We've done a lot of therapies that work on connecting both sides of the brain, but Cortices certainly produces the most instant results and works as a wonderful tool for our family."

~Steph, Bismarck

For Body, Mind & Soul

"How you do what you do and know what our bodies are holding in is still a mystery to me! It's like a counseling session for mind, body and soul and is very powerful!"

~Beth, Bismarck

Balanced My Body

"Body talk has helped me in so many ways. I have been doing BodyTalk for several years on a regular basis. When I started I was having major problems with constipation, tired all the time, aching back and muscles, and just plain feeling old. BodyTalk has balanced my body and I no longer have problems with constipation, I feel more alert, and I feel like someone took the weight off my shoulders. I am more aware of my body and have learned to listen to what it needs. I am so happy to have found a way for my body to do what it was meant to do without being on medication and running to the doctor. Thanks to Tone- Lise and [another Bismarck BodyTalk Practitioner] for being there for me."

~Dee, Bismarck

Really Helped Thinking

"That new modality [Access Bars] you used last time really helped how I think about things. It was great."

~Sandy, Bismarck

Peace and Happiness

"Just wanted to send you a note to tell you what a difference you have made in my life. I have not felt so much peace and happiness in a very long time. I have always thought I was happy and well adjusted, but I feel so much different, and so much more at peace than I ever have and I cannot thank you enough."

~Tarri Blotter, Bismarck

New Freedom and Clarity

"I recently received a BodyTalk session with Tone-Lise. I was experiencing a lot of stress around a relationship in which I had been obsessing about and some other work related events involving other people’s pain. I also am healing from a knee injury. The session was very helpful and revealed underlying issues associated with the unease I was experiencing. ToneLise addressed those and since then I have been free of obsessing around that particular person and feel a new freedom and clarity in general. My knee also feels better. I am grateful for ToneLise’s expertise in BodyTalk and the healing – emotional as well as physical – I have experienced through it."

~Kathy, North Dakota

Lighter and Less Stressed

"I was unsure of BodyTalk and felt a little silly going, but I was to the point where I would try anything just to feel a little better. My allergies were out of control and my weekly migraines were becoming intolerable. I was tired of taking pills every day just to mask the symptoms; I wanted to be healed. Tone-Lise did an exceptional job of helping me find the root of my problems both physically and emotionally. I no longer feel “weighed down” — I feel lighter and less stressed. I have not had a migraine since our sessions began and, most importantly, I can breathe again, also both physically and emotionally. Thank You."

~AJ, Bismarck

Feel So Good!

"Thank you so much for helping me on this journey of healing. I have learned so much from you and feel so good! You have a wonderful gift and are filled with so much information and wisdom."

~Tara, Bowman, ND

Serenity, Calmness, and Connection

"At first, I was a little apprehensive about trying BodyTalk because I wasn't sure what would come from it or if it would be helpful. However, each time I have gone to a session, I have left feeling better emotionally and physically. The serenity, calmness and connection that I felt from these sessions has been a benefit to my mind, body and soul. I have told many friends about my experience and I highly encourage them to try at least one session to see the results for themselves. I continue to use BodyTalk as part of a holistic approach to the healing process."

~Billie Jo

Like Counseling Session Through My Body

"BodyTalk is an experience that helps me approach life in a complete fashion. I believe that life is about understanding things by connecting the mind, body, and spirit. I have worked on my mind and spirit much more than my body. In the past, when I have focused on my body it has been through diet, exercise, and typically negative self-talk about my body. BodyTalk has helped me understand how I function best when all three of these parts of me are connected.

The best way I can explain the awesomeness that is Body Talk is this: It is like a counseling session through my body instead of through talking. Just as counseling helps me talk through my problems, Body Talk helps my body participate in the process. It is so amazing the things that my body would “say” to Tone-Lise through this experience. I will always go back for checkups through BodyTalk. This process has given me valuable tools such as Cortices and EFT. Even if you think it sounds a little unusual, try BodyTalk and you will be amazed by this process."

~Dena, Minot

Digestive Issues Better

"My digestive issues continue to be way better. Since my last in person session, they have almost been nonexistent."

~Kathy, Bismarck

Virtually NO Tooth Pain

"Quick update ... I've had virtually NO tooth pain. It is just amazing. I wish I would have thought of BodyTalk before spending $220 at the dentist for a mouth stint. I should know ... try BodyTalk first!"

~Lori, Bismarck

Feel Better, Better Digestion, Clearer Mind

"I have had a problem with candida for most of my life, starting when I was a child. By the time I was 18, I had fungus under my nails, and numerous other symptoms. I have tried candida diets, health foods, herbal yeast fighters, medication - just about anything on the market. After 50+ years, I had nearly given up hope. After an introduction to BodyTalk, I realized that this might be something I could try.

After the first session, I realized that my nails were changing - not necessarily being cured, but changing shape for the better. What I discovered in the first few sessions was that both physical and emotional blockages were preventing any healing from occurring. There were old thought patterns and beliefs that also were hindering progress. As time went on, there was one session that verified that my body was now ready to try the 5-week candida diet, which I am just now completing. This has been the most comprehensive and rigorous diet I have ever been on, but also one which is making a difference. I have lost 10 - 12 pounds without trying. I feel better, have better digestion, less bloating and water retention, and a clearer mind, and I am hopeful that the healing will eventually reach my fingernails.

However, that is not my main focus now. It has finally eliminated some of the overpowering cravings for sweets and breads - sure-fire candida growers, and has made some lasting changes that I will incorporate into my diet. One of my goals is to make ice cream (I can't live without ice cream!) out of goat milk and stevia! If nothing else, perhaps it can be a smoothie! One of the most important changes from BodyTalk has been that I am more at ease with myself and not so impatient with the healing process. I trust that what needs to change in my body, mind and spirit, will change when the time is right. One session that was particularly memorable, was when I was experiencing pretty difficult die-off symptoms, to the point where I couldn't eat because I felt so awful. After that session, I went home and enjoyed lunch! Thank you, Tone-Lise!"


Serenity, Calmness, and Connection

"I was dreading my yearly job review which was just a few days away, when Tone-Lise suggested a Performance Agenda. She explained it would be a way to address this stressor by doing a time-released BodyTalk session. The balancing would go into effect just prior to the meeting. My reviews have caused me a lot of anxiety over the years, as I have felt so attacked. The feeling almost forced me to quit my job because I didn't know how to deal with it and had fears of not being appreciated. It affected me for the entire year as I was just waiting for my next review and worrying about how I would deal with it.

     This time it was as if there were no concerns in the world, no rapid heartbeat, no anxiety, no feeling of wanting to fight for my was so smooth I hardly knew what happened! WOW. Amazing!"

~Tania, Bismarck

Stomach Problem Non-Existent

"Thanks for the help you've given me through BodyTalk. My stomach problem is virtually non-existent, I don't feel so overwhelmed with daily tasks, and the pain in my shoulders has improved."

~Melissa, Mandan

No Neurologist, Sleep Study or Meds

"At the age of seven months my son started to breath-hold when frustrated or hurt. That winter he had the flu which worsened the episodes and he actually induced a mild seizure—and he's not epileptic! At 1-1/2 years old, the intensity was still more than this mommy could handle. I felt I was breath holding with him!

     Scheduled an appointment with a neurologist who suggested a sleep study to rule out abnormal brain activity. Before doing that we tried a BodyTalk session with Tone-Lise. After one session, the intensity and frequency lessened by at least 70%! Thank you Tone-Lise!

     No neurologist, sleep study, or meds!"

~Billie Jo

Peace Before Surgery

"At first, I thought BodyTalk sounded like a far-fetched, too-good-to-be-true treatment method, but having known Tone-Lise for more than 20 years and knowing how intelligent and grounded she is, I trusted her. The more I learned about BodyTalk, the more sense it made and the more I believed in it. I received several treatments from both Tone-Lise for a variety of issues and, within a couple of months, I started to feel better physically and emotionally. But it was when facing an unexpected surgery with possible serious results that BodyTalk helped me the most. I believe it was BodyTalk that gave me total peace in the weeks leading up to the surgery, and BodyTalk that helped the surgery go so much better than expected, with all good results. Within a few weeks after the surgery, I was feeling better than I have in years. It's no coincidence to me that the series of events leading up to my good health today is due in large part to the BodyTalk sessions with Tone-Lise."

~Mary, Bismarck

Blessed and Grateful for BodyTalk

"I've been truly blessed with an incredible journey of healing and wellness that began three years ago, when at the age of only 34, my health was a mess. Despite a myriad of medications, I wasn't getting any better. I knew there had to be a better way.
     I was introduced to the BodyTalk system by a chiropractor who integrated it into my treatment plan. I must admit that at first, I was a little unsure, but I was intrigued. BodyTalk was totally different than anything else I'd tried, so I gave it a chance. After only 1 or 2 sessions, I was already feeling renewed and energized, and for the first time ever, I actually looked forward to my appointments.
     Over the last three years, I've had amazing results. BodyTalk has been life-changing for me -- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. BodyTalk has been an important element of my journey of health, and along with the other aspects of my treatment, I’ve had significant improvements in all the following areas: fewer migraines, decrease in pain, increase in musculoskeletal health, increase in energy levels, improved immune system, improved digestion, improvements in my sinuses, asthma improved, better able to handle stress, overcoming emotional blocks, and more overall peace and joy in all aspects of my life. As my health has improved, I’ve even been able to stop taking many of my previous medications.
     What appeals to me most about the BodyTalk system is that it's an entire mind-body-spirit approach. It allows the innate wisdom of the body to restore balance and to heal itself. I love that BodyTalk allows my entire body to restore, balance, and heal naturally as a "whole.” I like that BodyTalk can be used in conjunction with other areas of care and treatment, so it can all work together.
     I've been truly blessed and grateful for my experiences with the BodyTalk system, and Tone-Lise and Bel have been terrific. I hope that you may find exciting new blessings and hope from BodyTalk, too."

~Melissa Bleyle, Bismarck

One of Best Systems Ever

"In my extensive experience with BodyTalk, I've found that it is an amazingly effective healing modality. I have been to over 2,500 hours of seminars on how to help people heal, and BodyTalk is by far one of the best systems ever. I recommend BodyTalk to anyone who wants healing, as I've seen results in my practice, on myself, family and friends. It works."

~Dr. Jamie Fettig, DC, Tappen, North Dakota

Sense of Peace

"The session made sense & was wonderful! I woke the next morning with a sense of peace (that hasn't been there in awhile) was later triggered but figured out the underlying cause (which I have been wondering about for a few years now). So thank you."

~Tamela, Canada

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