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When More Is Not the Answer

A problem cannot be solved by the same level of consciousness that created it.

~ Albert Einstein

Often we think that more of something is what we need. More money, more love, more medicine, more exercise, more nutritional supplements, more sleep, more surgery...yet if the subconscious programming stays the same, we tend to end up with a future which looks similar to our past.

Sometimes, doing more of the same is simply expecting that a problem can be changed with the same level of thinking and awareness that created the issue in the first place.

Often, instead of using the strategy or tool of "more" we need a different tool all together. To use an allegory: Let's say you are really good with the hammer, but what you really need in addition is a table saw to undertake a specific project. Yet, all you're familiar with and have access to is a hammer and thus the project remains unfinished. Yet, because all you have is a hammer, you keep thinking more hammering is eventually gonna work.

The dawning of a new year brings new opportunities to heal individually as well as globally.

In order to heal in a holistic way, we need to look at subconscious programming that is not working and change our level of awareness. According to cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, our subconscious mind is a million times stronger than our conscious mind. BodyTalk is a form of "Energy Psychology" which fits in the category Dr. Lipton considers the most effective way of changing your subconscious programming. Listen to Dr. Bruce Lipton in this talk about three ways to change this programming to enhance your wellbeing.

BodyTalk is a consciousness based system that works with both your conscious and subconscious mind. It taps into your inner wisdom to find what's the priority issue for you at this time. Ultimately, it helps change your awareness, flow of energy, and exchange of information so your body and mind can more easily heal. BodyTalk addresses the underlying causes of your dis-ease. Where is there a door we can open? After doing thousands of sessions, I've started to think of the priority principle (using muscle-checking to see what comes up for you as a priority issue to be highlighted and worked on) as tuning into where you are ready to open a door. Where is your body-mind open and receptive to healing? Where is there least resistance to beneficial change? In what area can shifts most easily happen to benefit you and your well-being in order to speed up the natural healing process?

Let's find out! May this be a year of healing and enhanced awareness for you! Warmly, Tone-Lise To schedule with me: Online scheduling service or contact me. In-person and remote sessions available.

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