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About Tone-Lise

Tone-Lise Stenslie

Adv BodyTalk Practioner
Reconnective Healing (in training)
Access Consciousness
M.A. Communication

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A lifelong interest in health, human interaction, and spirituality continues to influence how Tone-Lise views healing. Her role is that of being a catalyst in a way that is most helpful to each individual.

Tone-Lise is a native of Norway and moved to North Dakota in 1991. She sees clients in Bismarck once a month, and does distance sessions over phone, zoom, or via email from the Stenslie cabin/home by lovely lake Sakakawea.

Tone-Lise on Lake Sakakawea

~ In truth, you are not what can be looked at,
Not your temporary thoughts, feelings, or sensations.
Rather, you are what is looking.
Healing, at a profound level, is a shift in awareness

Dr John Veltheim & ToneLise

From a workshop with Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk founder.

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