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How can BodyTalk benefit you?
How does a BodyTalk session work?
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     BodyTalk is a safe and effective health modality that restores the body's healing capacity.
     BodyTalk restores communication within the body-mind and facilitates the body’s innate healing ability. It utilizes the best of both Western and Eastern medicine.
     It is based on the understanding that your body is designed to heal itself, just as we've all experienced when we've had a minor cut. Stress, lifestyle, environmental factors and emotional issues can cause a breakdown in communication within the body-mind. When our cells, tissues, organs and various body parts are not fully balanced and communicating with each other, we experience disease or what we call symptoms.
     Using your inner organizing intelligence and a simple biofeedback technique, BodyTalk restores this vital communication between various parts in your body and mind. It finds priority issues via muscle-testing, highlights the imbalances to your brain and nervous system, and thus activates a restorative and balancing process uniquely tailored to your needs. Here is a quick 2-minute video introduction on BodyTalk.
     BodyTalk practitioners use what's called the "Cortices Technique" to balance the brain and stimulate the body's self-healing potential. Click here to view a video explaining the Cortices Technique by BodyTalk Founder Dr. John Veltheim.
     Learn more about BodyTalk under Resources.

How can BodyTalk benefit you?

     Since BodyTalk stimulates healing on all levels, there are practically no limits to its healing potential. If you are suffering from any kind of physical pain, specific illness, fatigue, stress or depression, BodyTalk can assist in the healing process through a simple balancing procedure. Ultimately, it helps you become more in tune with your inner wisdom and thus brings peace and joy into your life by increasing clarity about what truly serves you.

BodyTalk helps:

  • Immune dysfunction, viruses
    & infections
  • Learning & attention disorders
  • Mental clarity
  • Muscular & skeletal issues
  • Prenatal care
  • Skin
  • Stress & trauma
  • Wellness and life transitions
  • and more

How does a BodyTalk session work?

     While relaxing, you lay face up on a session table (or you can sit). The BodyTalk practitioner gently uses your hand or arm to do muscle testing, a form of biofeedback, consulting your inner wisdom to identify the priority for your health and well being at that moment.
     I also offer Remote Sessions if you are unable to be in person for a session, and Animal BodyTalk to benefit animals.

Scientific Explanation

John Veltheim: The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk: Healthcare Designed by Your Body     Dr. John Veltheim, BodyTalk founder, offers an excellent scientific—as well as practical—explanation of BodyTalk in his book, The Science and Philosophy of BodyTalk: Healthcare Designed by Your Body (released May 2013). Here's an excerpt:

By creating links [BodyTalk Formulas], there is … a new focus established for the mind to work with. The world manifests according to how it is observed. This is a basic principle of quantum physics.

By the BodyTalk practitioner having full attention, focus, and conscious awareness of what the capable potential is … in a BodyTalk session, that morphogenic formula of probability is now able to collapse, via observation, into the energy blueprint of the patient. To help this process along, a focusing tool of Nature called the standing wave or soliton is activated [via tapping over the head and heart complex or sternum]. This acts as a catalyst … The tapping directs the energy for the reorganization of the molecules to the changed energy pattern.

Performance Agenda

     Do you have an event coming up that you're anxious about or that is very important to you? A Performance Agenda or session is a way to use BodyTalk to maximize your potential for a special event. Specific balancing is done with that intent and focus. Whether you're nervous about going to an important seminar or one of your kids has a big golf tournament coming up, a performance session can help calm the nerves and clear the brain.

In general, a performance agenda can be used for:

1. A sporting event;
2. An upcoming exam, presentation or driver's license test;
3. Surgery or health care procedure;
4. Other important events like a serious business meeting, job interview, wedding, recital, or funeral;
5. Any upcoming event in which you or your loved one wants to be at your best; or
6: Anything that is causing you concern and robbing you of your joy!

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For more information about BodyTalk, visit the Resources page.

Please Note

     BodyTalk is not a substitute for medical treatment; a BodyTalk practitioner does not medically diagnose illness or disease, prescribe medications, or manipulate soft tissue. BodyTalk helps the body heal itself at all levels, whether it be from minor pain or major illness or surgery.